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Working 9 to 5

Morning after damage control.

10:45am still drunk from the night before

edith: morning sunshine

caroline: i’m in bed. with bobby. moron.

edith: oh nice. i just got into work and out of bed. with jack. hot.

caroline: lesbo boss just called. crappy.

edith: what did you say today?

caroline: doctor

edith: me too! woman bits doctor. i mean, there was someone looking between my legs.



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Get your rocks off with Caroline. Position available for new T&A to replace the perfection of Edith. (Caroline spends most of her day with T&A. She claims it stands for Tits and Ass. I think she’s just trying to make her job sound more interesting than doing Time and Action forms. Who can blame her, really. By the way, she hasn’t realised she doesn’t work for a real compnay, so don’t tell her – more on that at a later date.)

List of expectations follows:


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