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L’autre Petite Mort.

Inspired by New York Fashion Week, I have been contemplating my look for the next season. Contemplating very hard over a weekend bender which I emerged from emotionally unscathed and physically not quite as perfect. Not so bad weighing up the photographic evidence of the unseemly debauchery.

Anyway, I seem to have lost a few thousand brain cells and am decidedly more pallid. And then on Monday: genius!

edith: i think my look for the season is going to be bruised circles under the eyes. makes you look delicate and devious
edith: is it really a “look” if it’s just the way your life turned out?
caroline: do we care if we are hot?

And just like that, the denouement! The look for the season: A Little Death.

It’s nice sometimes to find there was a point to all the drugs and alcohol we’ve consumed – I mean, a point other than peer group pressure and social lubrication.

(Now it’s almost 6pm, I figure it’s a good time to start putting on the make up. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be all dolled up in time to leave work and head straight to a bar. Any bar. Although given that right now I look like Marcel Marceu attacked by a slut stick, perhaps I should favour areas where I’m known to just look like a whore, not whore it out too. Ho-hum.)


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Sometimes I wonder the point of writing this blog. Sometimes I wonder whether I should try to emulate one of the gossipy, giggly, snide and serious pieces of work in cyberspace. But this is not high school, and I’m not prepared to go through the agony of devirginisation again. So I have thus far resisted all temptation to succumb to anything resembling interest in or relevance to current affairs. But! Occasionally an article will bitch slap you like a drunken uncle and you express surprise and then confusion but deep down you’re thinking oh god yeah. (Yeah, I realise how disturbing that sounds and am quite disgusted by it too.)

So, today during my daily routine of distraction, I found an article on gay sheep. Gay. Sheep. Snap! And no, they were not in New Zealand. More astounding than the fact that someone would bother writing an article about gay sheep, is that the article is subtitled “Gay Sheep Revisited” meaning that it was so fascinating the first time round that it warranted a followup story. Even more amazing is that the subject matter analyses an ongoing scientific research project about the gayness of said sheep. (more…)

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