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Scrotum on a unicycle.

Humour ‘comes from testosterone’

The unicycling doctor observed how the genders reacted to his “amusing” hobby. Women tended to make encouraging, praising comments, while men jeered.

In general, women appeared to feel overwhelming pity for the dude who will never get laid again; they felt no need to ridicule him further. The men, however, jeered because they felt somewhat threatened by the unicycling (funny) doctor (smart); possibly they were fearful he was going to get all teh womens.

“The idea that unicycling is intrinsically funny does not explain the findings,” said Professor Shuster.

(Professor Shuster plans to further this study by gauging the reactions of both genders to what is commonly known as “rape” jokes.
“I am confident that this second stage in observation will confirm my hypothesis that women just don’t understand funny,” he said with assurance.)

Happy fucking holidays.


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Search Engine . . .

These are terms people used to find you blog:

“rape of ladies”


“drunk and covered in glitter”

Suffice it to say I still have an eclectic and slightly disturbing readership.

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Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.youtube.com posted with vodpod

(Translation: Germany needs more babies. Our contribution:)

Selling lingerie to women on the basis of getting guys hard in the hope they might inseminate you so that you in turn can do your duty to the nation by popping out some bubs? Best way to sell women’s underwear is to remind men of their patriotic duty to procreate? No? Fuck you.

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The only crappy thing about being a feminist is that it can be isolating. Feminism is such a touchy subject with so many people (for some idiotic reason) that declaring yourself one can garner a lot of scorn. Wah. Anyway, Feministing is the bread and butter of modern feminism – at least for me personally. It’s not as fun and irreverent as Jezebel, I often avoid it because I know it’s going to depress me, but it explained to me the importance of standing up and having a voice on behalf of all the women who either can’t, or refuse to acknowledge they can, and then it wrapped me in a nice warm cuddly uterus and said “Edie, young feminist, you are not aloooooone.” No, for reals! It did! Nip over there and check out their plans for a site upgrade. It sounds pretty awesome. Being a blogger of the feminist persuasion can be very discouraging; your ticker inching up ever so slowly through tenuous links from other sites. It sucks when you feel that you have something so important to say and wildly dreamed everyone would read your wisdom the minute you went live. Oh well. Feministing plans to change this somewhat by creating, from what I surmise, a sort of MySpace (come to think of it, the name is quite fitting) for teh femmes. Donate if you can, repost in your own blog or pass the links along.

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I fails.

I’ve been reading so much and everyone seems to sum up feminist indignation so much better than me. I’m also sick, have a bullfrog throat from swollen glands and miss my Bronts. I’m sorry, I just can’t write about the 16 Days of Activism . . . it took me three tries to even spell that correctly. I’m crawling back under my blankets and emerging when I can giggle again.


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