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Sadness comes naturally.

Lucca SingletonI haven’t written anything at all this year, so I may as well start with a sad sigh.

Late last year one of my very lovely good friends from New York had a girlfriend. Late last year, but one day later, he didn’t. Being so far away, I was removed from the loss, the mourning, the guilt, the comfort and the collective sadness that breeds and infects everyone within the friendship radius. I could ask no questions that wouldn’t be insensitive, could express no emotion that wouldn’t be trite. I couldn’t hug him, sit with him, drink with him, cry with him and, worse still, I couldn’t talk to him. He was cocooned in a patchwork quilt of friends, I was sitting in a box apt in a city of millions stacked one on top of the other, and there wasn’t one other person who knew of this tragedy. Basically, it sucked big time. Now it’s 2008, and we’ve talked. We started on IM, testing the waters, and then blew up into emails, songs and blog-sharing. I think I’m the first and only person to have read his blog, and it makes me feel like I finally (and selfishly) have a place in his grief.

Anyway, I wrote him an email and it’s maybe the most honest thing I’ll write all year so I thought I may as well share it (get the earnestness done nice and early so we can have a year of irreverence): (more…)


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