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Sometimes things are predestined. We call it fate. We call it destiny. We call it the just the way things are.

What if things weren’t that way? What if we decided that women weren’t lesser, weren’t so bad, weren’t the bearers of original sin? What if we respected women in every sense of the term?

I arrived at the realisation this week that I had no chance. I had no basis for even thinking that I had something better simply because I believed that it was so. I have spent so long, so many fucking years convincing myself that I live in an egalitarian society (or as close to one we could create). I spent years reading about how far women have come in being recognised for their worth. This week, I came crashing down; in the face of overwhelming adversity that I had staunchly refused to realise, I lost faith, I lost belief, I lost hope. I never had a chance.

Our entire social system is structured against my core beliefs. The constant indoctrination of women as sexual objects, of those who need to be manipulated to one’s will, of their emotions overruling reason, of their inability to be functional because of their sex, of their status of lesser beings, of being less worthy of human rights. I used to think that all these ideas belonged to a forgotten age, one past us in civilisation. It’s not. It’s really fucking not and my na├»vete in thinking such was purely blinded hope. That women have managed to reach the higher echelons of society in politics and business (etc.) is a show of amazing conviction against adversity. That we manage to get any rape convictions in this status of being is phenomenal. When “reasonable belief of consent” can be used in court as a valid defense, ignoring that a rape case even being in court indicates some degree of non-consent, is ludicrous. That we blame women for allowing rapists to pursue their sick power fantasies by not reporting them is ridiculous. Why we even think that a woman would be willing to go through the judicial system and “prove” that she was raped is beyond comprehension. Why do we persist in telling girls that their future is as a potential rape victim, that they better behave or the worst will be visited upon them? Why do we never tell boys that women are not there for their whims, not there to justify their worth?

As long as culture permits the objectivity of women as a lesser, we’re all fucked. We’re never going to have a chance. In reality, it’s a one sided fight of half the population desperate to be heard, but yelling into the deaf ear. The fight was over before we even said no.


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