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american-apparelThe Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has banned an American Apparel advertisement – I would describe it, but I’d probably get aroused writing such erotic literature.

At first, I was all “hells fuckin yeah about time” regarding the ruling; after reading the article, I’m not so sure. Yes, American Apparel advertising is lewd, porny and their models are deliberately young looking. For an Advertising Standards Authority to ban an advertisement because a model appeared to be underage (she was 23 at the time), basically stipulating what constitutes a “woman” versus an underage girl, well that’s a bit borderline. Considering the ASA did not uphold the complaint that the nudity offensive and could be seen by children, the impact of this ruling seems slightly contentious. As a very young looking woman myself, being told constantly that I’m not a “real woman” is fucking annoying. And the constant paedophile quips aimed at my boyfriends/lovers is embarrassing, offensive and plain tedious.

Go ahead, ban an ad for gratuitous and offensive nudity, but not because a model does not look like what we think a “real woman” is.

On a similar note, on the tram this morning a three year old boy looked at a banner ad for something, can’t remember what, but it featured a man wearing only his underwear. Little boy looked at his mother and asked her why the model wasn’t wearing clothes. Poor mother tried to explain to her kid that the model was probably very hot when his picture got taken and that’s why he was sweaty and had no clothes on. Luckily for her they had to get off at the next stop. It’s difficult enough explaining why I think gratuitous nudity in advertising is offensive to an adult, I can’t even begin to imagine how to explain it to a child who’s command of language is inadequate to their scope of mind.

AA Models via The Onion

AA Models via The Onion

Cheer yourself up with the happy news via The Onion of fourteen American Apparel models freed from the clutches of their hipster overlords. One can only hope that they are running free today, in clothing that does not hurt their dignity. (click on image for link)


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